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Flooring Types & Care
There are literally hundreds of different flooring types.  Then there is an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures for each type.  Each kind of floor has it unique look as well as its own benefits.  Of course, each type of floor also has its own needs for care and maintenance.
Here is an overview of the most popular flooring types.  Most hard floors in both residential and commercial settings can fit into one of these types.  Give us a call for more information or a free consultation in selecting or maintaining your specific floors.
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Wood Floors
Wood floors have been classified as both resilient and non- resilient, so we give wood its own division.  Wood can be sub divided into solid, engineered, and laminates.
Resilient Flooring
These types of floors are described as hard floors that have some "give" to them.  Some examples are vinyl and linoleum.
Non-Resilient Flooring
This type of flooring is defined as hard floors that have no give.  There are both natural and manmade types of non-resilient floors.
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