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Carpet Cleaning
We use top of the line equipment with just the right chemicals to provide the best service in the area at the best prices.
Proper carpet cleaning is essential to maintaining the appearance, smell, and life of all carpets and rugs.  Properly cleaned carpets are safer for children and pets too. 
Let our trained professional crew take care of you and your carpets.
What's included in our basic service:
*  Prep Area - Clearing furniture and other obstructions
*  Vacuum - This helps eliminate the first layer of dirt, lifts carpet fibers, and prepares carpet for chemicals
*  Spot - Spots and stains are treated and removed
*  Pre-Spray - High traffic and heavily soiled areas get a special treatment to break up grime
*  Shampoo - (for certain types of carpet)
*  Hot Water Extraction - A detergent mix is sprayed into the fibers and immediately extracted out along with all the dirt
*  Dry - carpets are dried with fans and items that were moved can be replaced
Note:  We proudly use chemicals that are environmentally friendly.
Residential Carpet - $0.25 per sq ft
Commercial Carpet - $0.20 per sq ft
Stain Protector - $0.06 per sq ft
* Rugs, furniture, stairs, and some spots extra
10% discount for customer moving all items prior to cleaning
10% discount for areas over 1000 sq ft
Carpet Cleaning Facts and Information:
     - What is proper carpet manintenance?
    - How often should I get my carpets cleaned?
     - What are the diferent types of carpet cleaning? 
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