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Floor Maintenance Service Descriptions
Here is a brief description of some of the services we provide:
Dusting, Mopping, Polishing -
Most floors require regular dusting.  This is done with either broom or dust mop.  Then, depending on flooring type, they should be wet mopped or polished with a cleaner.  These steps keep debris from damaging or dulling the surface.  For suggestions on quality equipment and chemicals for your floor, see our supply store.
Strip and Wax -
This process uses a strong chemical, coupled with an abrasive pad to completely remove all old finishes and sealers.  This cleans the floors and "resets" the surface, preparing it for refinishing.  Next, multiple layers of new finish are applied.  This then protects the floor while providing the shine.
     Recommended - About once every 12 to 18 months depending on traffic
     Pricing - $0.30 per sq ft
Scrub and Wax -
This process uses mild chemicals and a mild abrasive to remove the top layers of finish, thus removing grime, scratches, and imperfections.  Several new coats of finish are applied to extend the protection and shine.  Regular Scrub and Wax can extend the time between Strip and Wax, thus saving money.
     Recommended - Around every 6 to 10 months depending on traffic
     Pricing - $0.20 per sq ft
Buff or Burnish
This step involves a polish of existing finish.  A soft pad is used to remove a light layer of finish, while creating heat.  Scratches and imperfections are removed and the surface is brought to a high shine.  This also hardens the surface, helping the shine last.  This also can extend the time between Strips and Scrubs, thus saving money.
     Recommended - Often!
     Pricing - $0.05 per sq ft
Tile and Grout Cleaning -
We take a rotary machine with a special brush and a selection of chemicals to scrub the tile and grout.  This breaks up and removes the dirt and grime.
     Recommended - As needed for appearance.
     Pricing - $0.25 per sq ft
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