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Floor Maintenance Programs
You can save lots of time and money by getting a floor maintenance program.  We can examine your needs and set up a program just right for your floors.  Then all the work is automatic.  In addition to the ease of the programs, you can get big discounts.  In the end, your floors look better, they last longer, and you save money.
Basic Maintenance Program:
Premium Maintenance Program:
Custom Maintenance Program:
Give us a call, we can look at your specific needs and determine together what your best program is.  Many businesses prefer weekly or daily services.
Don't forget to check out the "Floor Types and Care" sub page for more important information!
Why put the time and money into proper Floor Maintenance?
  1. Appearance:  People can quickly form opinions about your business just from looking at the floors.  Poorly maintained floors give an appearance of low quality, whereas well kept floors can inspire trust and give a feel of quality.
  2. Save time:  A properly maintained floor is easier to keep clean.
  3. Save Money:  Proper care can extend the life of flooring by years!
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