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I started CES Janitorial as a teenager in Northern Wisconsin.  Many of my family were already in the cleaning business, so from an early age I gained valuable experience.  I was always taught to clean it like it was my own.  I learned to work hard, work fast, and get it done right.  Today, my wife and I hold to the same principles I learned then.  I stand by our work as the highest quality.  We are always open, honest, and fair.
One thing that has always been important to me is price.  I do not like to pay too much for anything, so why should I expect others to pay too much for cleaning?  We have worked very hard at keeping our cost low so that never happens.
I keep a very 'hands on' approach to our business.  I am on most jobs personally.  My wife and I know each client and each job.  If I am not right on site, I am in close contact with our employees at all times.  Amy is in the office herself, answering questions and arranging all the schedules.  Anytime you have a question, or just want to chat, we are here for you.
We are a full service, professional cleaning company.  We are fully insured, and prepared to handle any cleaning project.  When you work with CES Janitorial you get the benefits, experience, and connections of a large janitorial company combined with the quality and personal attention of a family run small business.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation on your needs.
Our Employees
We have purposely keep our company smaller, to ensure the highest quality and security for our customers.  Any employees that we use are hand selected and trained.  I trust them completely.  We work closely with all of them and I view them as my friends.  This way, I know you can trust them too.
Our training program is extensive and ongoing.  It starts with a lot of reading and research.  They learn about each chemical, supply, and piece of equipment we use.  Then we work together, so they can learn how to care for any project, any task.  Then we regularly meet to discuss new thoughts and procedures, getting their input as well.  Of course, the training never really ends.  We are always training and testing each employee, so you get the best.
Our Chemicals and Equipment
We use only the highest quality chemicals and equipment.  Our chemicals are safe and environmentally friendly.  Many are Green Seal Certified!  Even our vacuums are CRI certified.  We are constantly looking for and testing new products so you get the very best.  We even invite your questions about what we use and why. 
We warmly invite you to try us out.  You will get kind, professional, quality work every time!
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