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Floor Maintenance
Proper floor care is vital to the appearance of any business or home.  Proper maintenance can draw customers and enhance reputations.  It can even save money by extending the life of your flooring.  We have the equipment, chemicals, and experience for almost any flooring project.
Our Services:
Dusting, Mopping, Polishing -
These daily maintenance steps are usually included in Commercial or Residential Cleaning services.  Please feel free to check out these sections for more information.  We would also love to provide a free, no obligation, consultation to discuss  the best programs for your floors.
Strip and Wax -
     Recommended - About once every 12 to 18 months depending on traffic
     Pricing - $0.30 per sq ft
Scub and Wax -
     Recommended - Around every 6 to 10 months depending on traffic
     Pricing - $0.20 per sq ft
Buff or Burnish
     Recommended - Often!
     Pricing - $0.05 per sq ft
Tile and Grout Cleaning -
     Recommended - As needed for appearance.
     Pricing - $0.25 per sq ft
Discounts and Pricing Notes:
10% Discount for:
     Regular Customers
     Over 1500 sq ft
     Customer moving all items prior to cleaning
($25 minimum for each service)
Don't forget to check out the "Floor Types and Care" sub page for more important information!
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