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Carpet Cleaning Facts and Information
Different Carpet Cleaning Method:
There are many different types of cleaning methods used on carpets.  It seems like each company advertises a different method and says that it is the best.  Here is a breakdown of the different ways to clean carpet along with their benefits.  Most types of cleaning can fit into one of these basic methods.
Quality companies will usually use a variety of these methods, mixing them according to your specific needs.  If you ever have a question about what method a company uses, ask them.  Use specific questions and understand what they what to do to your carpets.
Bonnet Cleaning:
This uses a cloth pad on a rotary machine to apply a light chemical and pick up surface dirt.  This is like "mopping" a carpet.
Applications:  Great for regular cleaning of high traffic areas.  An example would be a monthly cleaning of a hotel hallway.
This cleaning method uses a rotary brush to work in a shampoo chemical.  The shampoo becomes foam, absorbing the dirt from the carpet.  This must then be removed by vacuum or extraction.
NOTE:  This method has a lot of modern variations.  Dry foam machines are an example.
Applications:  This is a thorough way of cleaning commercial carpets.
Hot Water Extraction:
This is often called "steam cleaning" because of the hot water involved.  It uses hot steaming water with a special extraction chemical.  The mix is sprayed into the carpet where it breaks up all the dirt.  The water and dirt are then immediately vacuumed out.
Applications:  This highly effective method is great for most carpets projects.
Dry Cleaning:
Much like dry cleaning clothes, this method involves special "dry" chemicals.
Applications:  This is the preferred method for many delicate fabrics, like some furniture.
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