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Cleaning Tip of the Month
Cleaning tip for the Month
Garbage Disposals:
This is one of our favorites.
Garbage disposals seem to always smell nasty.   They often even look dirty and grimy.  No one wants this in their kitchen!  Here are two easy tips to keep them clean:
1.  Lemons.  That's right, a simple fresh lemon.  Every so often cut a lemon into quarters and feed it into the disposal.  The citric acid is a powerful cleaner.  The fibers of the lemon scrub the workings too.  And of course you can't beat the smell.
2.  Baking Soda.  Most of us like to keep a container of baking soda in the fridge and freezer, right.  Well, what do you do with it when its time to change it out.  Why throw it away?  What a waste.  Just wash it down your garbage disposal to help keep the smells away.
This page is dedicated to providing simple tips and suggestions we recommend to make your life a little easier and cleaner.  Of course this is not an all inclusive guide, but hopefully it can give you some ideas.
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Cleaning Tip of the Month
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